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Long Distance Movers

Moving can be one of the more personal experiences you'll have in your lifetime, especially if your move is taking you across the country. Whether you are moving for work, family or just for a change of scenery, Vets Move You understands the mixture of emotions and difficulties you may come across when preparing for a long-distance move.

We aim to provide customers everything they need for a successful move. This includes allowing you to create your own move plan with personalized service options that meet your needs, budget and schedule.

What is a Long Distance Move?

Long distance moves are different from local moves (moving a short distance within a city area within the same state) and intrastate moves (longer distance moves that occur within the same state) since they involve moving items across state lines. A long distance move can also be referred to as a cross country move or an interstate move.

Regardless of the distance, all moves that involve crossing a state line need special, federal authority. United States federal laws and regulations, including insurance requirements, are made to protect customers before, during and after their moves. Vets Move You is fully licensed to provide interstate moving services.

Not every long distance move is the same. Vets Move You's long distance movers are experienced handling long distance moves of any size. Whether you are moving a small apartment or have to move employees of a business to a different state, Vets Move You can help with your next state-to-state move.

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